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Smooth Guys (May '13 re-post)

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I have to say I love how socially acceptable or perhaps even normal it has become for us guys to be completely shaven.

Im 35 now and as soon as I left high school at 16 and entered a world where being slightly different to the accepted norm didnt result in barrage of abuse i started to shave my body hair and back then it was
(I assumed) considered unusual. You didnt see shaven guys in porn or at least not in the porn i had access to (this was after all the early days of the internet - just to show my age lol!) i also got the occassional funny look in the communal showers at my local gym and in fact a few guys hit on me occassionally too which was nice!

these days though everybody is at it! i see guys with no pubic hair all the time either at nudist beaches or in porn or the gym showers and its amazing! i remember one time when i was about 18 or 19 getting naked with a girl who went crazy when she saw how smooth i was and made all sorts of ludicrous assumptions that i was gay (bi of course but i didnt tell her that judging by her extreme response to seeing me shaven!) and even that i might be a paedophile I couldnt believe it!

Im happily married now in 2013 and thankfully my wife loves the fact Im as smooth as she is and in fact complains if i let it start to grow through laziness etc this is progress people embrace it!

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I also started shaving way before it was the in thing. [don't have much to shave]  I found that some girls and guys liked it, some didn't

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Try to stay smooth from the neck downwards as often as possible, front and back, all sides

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i've never been very hairy but was introduced to it from young and so have been smooth ever since.i love the smooth look and feel and love to know what others think and hear there comments etc thers nothing better!

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Yummy!! I love your nude pics 

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I suppose I remain relatively smooth or trimmed as nature's gift to me was red hair around my nipples and nothing more for chest hair and a bit of fuzz on my legs. Funny I can grow a beard! 

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for my personal opinion, I favorite watch smooth bodies (feminine or masculine regardless), I find it much more pleasant and hygienic!


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