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The Single Male Debate And The Empowering Nature of Nudity

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The Single Male Debate And The Empowering Nature of Nudity


There are more single men in naturism than women – couples or singles. I can understand why. Not to put it too bluntly some of these single men are voyeurs, peeping toms and photographers looking for a ‘dirty’ photo. And that’s probably more than anything the reason why there are fewer women.


But not all men are there to perv. There are genuine M/F couples and single men who are completely safe, trustworthy and following the naturist and nudist code. But they find it incredibly difficult to get into clubs and swims without a female by their side. Of course, a group’s priority is towards the safety and privacy of its members and I entirely agree with their stance. As a member of such a club, I want to know that my privacy is paramount.



Getting the balance right (source)


Myself and my boyfriend do try to introduce our female friends, single or otherwise, to the naturist community. Understandably, people (particularly in the 20s/30s age groups) are shy.


But more often than not we have two issues to contend with. Firstly, the proliferation of complicated body issues. The media and peer pressure have left many women unable to accept themselves as individual and beautiful people, always feeling that they don’t match up to the perfect body they see in photoshopped images in fashion magazines and beauty billboards.


The other issue is ‘territorial partners’. They are welcome to come too of course but men are generally (and again I can see their point) protective of their female counterparts. This presumably comes back to associating the naturist community with sexual misconduct. They think men will be looking at their naked girlfriends. Well yes they will, but they won’t be wanting to chat them up or seduce them. It’s a difficult separation to make for most on the vanilla side of nude.


I don’t have an answer to this one, but it’s a problem for any club trying to encourage new members and boost the female ratio of their memberships. Many do not allow single men to join, which is a shame for the genuine single male naturists amongst them.


Existing members (in my experience) can bring guests and we have taken friends to swim nights whilst making sure to inform the club beforehand. It means guests don’t have to turn up alone and are with friends they know they can trust. Many of them are off chatting to other people before we know it. Our work is done. But I have yet to introduce someone to our swim who wasn’t already keen to attend and issues free.


Issues are fine and possible to overcome to a degree. I have found the naturist community the most empowering thing I have ever done for the perception of how I see myself. I am who I am. If you had asked me that a year ago, I was getting on the weight scales every day. But it doesn’t matter now. As long as I am fit and healthy so I can enjoy life to the full that’s all that matters. Many attendees aren’t so fortunate in health or weight but I’m not judging because we only have one body and I don’t judge whether you’re five stone or 50 stone. A swim might be the only place they can go to avoid scorn and judgement of the physical way they look.


Naturism is a beautiful and simplistic way of life. It does not judge the size of your bottom, breasts or how big your pecs are. You are you. Genuine naturists see that, and that’s all they see. Embrace it.


You might never find another community who accepts you so completely for who you are.

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1 year ago

Women always think men are looking at them. Lots of us men are looking at other men. I love to check out cocks, and have sucked more than a few over the years. It's usually pretty easy to find a hidden spot to give a quick blow job.  

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Hi all

Excellent topic and something I have had issues with myself. I was introduced to going naked on beaches and in resorts by a female friend. It was something I had always wanted to try and she surprisied me one day by saying she lived the naked lifestyle. I admitted that I'd like to join her and so we began visiting safe places with others around.

Now, how this is relevant: When at the campsites, in the bars etc, people of both sexes and all ages, even those with children present, would be happy to talk to us, assuming we were a couple. It opened my eyes to just how pleasant the whole thing can be. Recently, my friend has moved abroad and I continue to go naked, however when I tried to visit the same campsite we frequented for 2 years, I was not allowed in because I was a single male.

After complaining, I was told 'sorry, but single men can be intimidating to others'

I consider myself a genuine person and have never had any thoughts of anything but relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, alone or with others.

I find it so difficult to visit established venues and resorts now and, when I am allowed access, I am greeted with very little welcome from others. It is such a shame that those single men who are there for sexual reasons have spoiled it for people like me.

In the part of the UK where I live, there are very few places to go, but the most popular is a local beach. This beach is now a gay pickup area and if you are seen nude, you get harrassed.

I know there are pplenty, such as you Leah, who know not every man wants to spy on or hit on every naked female or take pictures, but there are so many who do not accept us. The men in the couples and families are very protective when a single man is nearby. I was this man when peopleassumed us a couple and had no problems with single men.



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1 year ago

Well Leah Hi Hugggsssssss to you

Still around like me you have lost weight you look better then I have ever seen you before How Is my buddy Bob and do you miss my waffles and or Pancakes I like your blog your right that Is why i gave up on Women i am retired from girl friends Wifes and the like I am 60 years old plan to retire at 62 and get out of dodge I don't go to glen Eden anymore to much politics and after what happened to the two managers that were let go for speaking there mind and expresssing opinions I am on Vacation now till july 7th still work at gilbert self storage Still single Well besides that Miss you both you were very good nice and kind to me.


Well getting back to your blog you should write a book  You have always had good things to say and to the point Women should not worry about what they look like there all beautiful and even the one's who think there not beautiful Maybe that Is the other reason I don't go to Glen Eden there Isn't enough to choose from.

Yours forever

William Hass


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Well thought out! it is refreshing to see someone air an opinion like this!

Personally I find it offensive that anyone could assume that because I have a penis I'm potentially a sexual offender.Not everyone with a gun is a murderer.

A great man once said something about people being measured by the content of their characters