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Being nude does not mean wanting sex.

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No. Being nude does not mean wanting sex.

It’s clearly a sign of the times. So many people don’t seem to be aware of something simple: being nude does not automatically mean looking for sex. Are you going to have sex the moment you take off your clothes for a shower or a bath? Are you going to have sex the moment you wear no clothes because you’re putting on other clothes? You probably answered “No” to both these questions. If you answered “Yes” then you’d better stop reading now.

Being nude is just that: being nude. For the simple reason that you need to be or you want to be. If you automatically think beyond that, it’s like seeing someone buying a bottle of whisky and assuming that this person is going to get drunk within the next hour.

Maybe someone isn’t able to see the simple joy of being nude without any additional reason for it. Trust me, there are also people who don’t see the simple joy of enjoying a glass of whisky without the intent of getting drunk.

It’s clearly a sign of the times, as I already wrote. One that is forced upon us by the giant media who thrive on showing the worst side of people in their reality shows, or the porn industry that has its weird arithmetic of “person + nude = sex”.

Next time you see a nude person, don’t assume they want anything. Perhaps all they want is to be left alone.


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A lady after my heart, it seem here in the states,the younger folks seem to forgot the basic on which the life style was brought here with .

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I also agree with author. I just like to have the sun warm my naked body.

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Aggree 100percent!

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Totally agree, nakedness is a personal choice done for whatever reason one enjoys. To be naked in public is purely being comfortable with no textiles covering you and also not minding others viewing you that way. The problem is with the viewers and their idea of nudity, all on these type of sites should respect nudity as it surely is, not wearing clothes. Sex, love-making is for those who are really close, be they nudist or textiled, it has nothing at all with many of us who just don't like to wear clothing. Be nude, be free and always consider nakedness is your choice, not any other's wants.

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Nudism is just real life without clothes on.  Simples!

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Going to have shoulder surgery soon, or I would be traveling to see family in TN and would love to pick pecans and visit.. just hang and visit too.

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I truly enjoy being nude and always have. I hardly ever wear clothes at home and try to visit the local CO resorts as mich as I can. I am a bit hinderd due to mt current wife just cant seem to feel the swame way. She has gone with me in the past, but she really doesn't enjoy it as I do. Therefore I do not pressure her. I get chace to go on occations, she she is away visiting family. We have a couple of nice CO resorts fairly close, so I slip off and go when I can. I just do not enjoy it as much when I go alone.


My main reason for joining was to possibly find a "nuddie" partner to meet and go with. If any one is interested in doing so please e mail topcop79 at out look. I live about an hour east of Austin and West of College Station. No sex, just get naked and have a little fun.

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Great article. Wish there were more people out there that believe nudity does not equal sex. And no, genuine nudists don't like being gawked at ot hit upon everytime we're in public. We're naked...that's what.

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John, serious safety precautions. Like hard hats, steel toed boots, heavy denim shirts and pants type precautions. Very brittle limbs, when the tree shaker does its thing, debris goes everywhere. The other equipment is even more dangerous.


You're welcome to come see the harvest yourself, but we are an hour north by northeast of Memphis TN.


We'd love to see a gathering of site members in our area, but money is far too tight for a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP right now.

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I completly agree, Nudsim does not = sex.  I have only been able to go to a few local out of the way areas to be nude by my self.  I would like to meet others that want to be nude for that reason alone to be nude.  I would like to have a friend for sex but that would be completly different and not a part of being nude.  I do not and will not cross that boundry to make it look like nudism = sex.  I love to go fishing, swimming, hiking and other activities nude as well as being naked at home.  I have visited several "nudism" or "nudists" websites and have deleted my account from all but this one.  I was about to remove myself from this one until I read this thread.  Thank you for showing me that there are people that want to be nude just to be nude.  I hope to get to know you better and maybe we can get together sometime.  I would not mind helping to harvest pecans.  Do you harvest nude? or there safety precautions needing clothes while harvesting?




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Wow, Llbug75 said it soo well !

Further, many guys (maybe most) think about sex every 5 to 7 seconds. I suppose it is hard-wired into our DNA. That does not mean we want to have sex with every female we meet that is nude or clothed.  I happen to believe that some guys will ask for sex or seem to indicate they want sex just to see if the answer is Yes or maybe.. And yes sometimes a smile from a lady is taken the wrong way. Bummer but it often happens.

If only we could excerise good manners, be polite and enjoy life without hassels.. Ok I dream a lot!

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As the summer cools down, the "nudists" wanting to "play/watch" are crawling out from under their rocks in the SW corner of TN.




We've flat quit responding to people after they send one or two normal messages, and then turn on the "charm". We still will get together with legitimate naturists, but our vetting process has gotten very restrictive. Legit hetero couples, legit families, legit hetero singles not looking for some strange. We've even kicked a few women out of our place, mainly for trying too hard to get something going.




Time and place for everything, but frankly, this naturist trio (male 41, female 51 and an asexual male 61) is too old, too tired, and too short of free time for the games in the present scene. Anyone is welcome to come visit, any time of the year, if they know how to behave. And realize that with harvest (400 pecan trees) starting in the next month or so, you show up, you'll be helping with that, and can enjoy the 2+ acre pond afterwards.


Our profile says we don't swing. We do not have an open marriage. Respect that.



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