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Models for photography class

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I am teaching some friends the dramatic use of light in photography.  Would anybody be interested in being a model for my class?  It is important to understand I not looking for hotties per se, but normal people young or old, thin or robust. It makes no difference.  These photos will be taken outdoors, towards the end of the day or at the beginning of the day.  I would appreciate the help.  I would really like to have couples or people that know each other.  Each model will have all the images that we will shoot. 

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I have modelled nude for a photographer, as well as life drawing artists, and would like to do a lot more of it. Wish I lived in the US where there appears to be more opportunity.  If any photographers or artists (male or female) in New Zealand are looking for a nude model, contact me by either asking to see my private album or post a comment against one of my profile pics.

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I would love to do a bit of nude modeling if anyone out there needs a model please get in touch

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Sure, I would enjoy it!

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Have been modeling in the nude most of my life for my own art work as well as for others artist today I still do a little mostly for my own art projects .

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Kenny 55

After 35 years as an erotic photographer I etired a few years ago due to health reasons, although I still do an occasional shoot from time to time.

So I would like to provde some sugestions to help you accomplish your goal.

1.   Parovide more on your photographic experience. and backgtround.

2.   Display some of your work dealing with both people and other subjects,

3.   What will be the fianl dispositiopn of the shots?  Personal use web sites or what?

4.   Will their be any compensation offered either cash of TFP (Time for Prints)?

5.   How long will each shoot last?

6.   Will snacks, meals and beverages be provided?
7.   What is the privacy like on your intended location(s)? Where are the locations?

8.   What line of security is being offered?

10.  What kind of accomadations aee available for wardrobe or clothing changes?

11.  How many people will be on the location?

12.  Can you provide others who have modeled for for references?

   I hope these suggestion help you to accomplish your goal.


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