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Watering the backyard in the nude.

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I'm not used to nudity, 100% of the time, but I've enjoyed going to nude beaches. For the past 17 years, though, I've been living in Norway, and that has put a damper on things, because since in Stavanger, it only gets up to 65 degrees on a hot summer day (70 when they're having a heatwave), nudity isn't a big thing there.

Now that I'm back in Sunny California because my dad just passed away, and mom passed away 5 years ago, I'm living with my brother in our parent's house until we can fix it up and sell it. Well, he's been gone for the past week, and I've been having fun being naked around the house. I even have the front door wide open and patio door open, so the fan could blow the cool air from our patio (which has a roof over it, so it's cooler than the front of the house) through the house.

At first, I was afraid of what to do if someone were to come to the door, but all week, nobody's bothered me. Then the past three nights, I've been getting bold. I've been going outside in our backyard in different stages of nudity, and tonight, I've gone out there fully naked while I turned the water sprinklers on and off, and while I took the garden hose and moved it from one place in the planters to the other. I can't believe how much fun it feels, knowing that someone could see me! I wonder what they would do?

I'm looking for a companion to go to a nude beach with me. I'm in Lakewood, California, and I don't even know where they exist now, because things have changed in the last almost 18 years since I've been gone, and my memory is slipping on me. I used to go to San Onofre State Park Beach, on Trail 6, but now I hear that is closed to nudity. Then I used to go to Abalone Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes, but I dont' remember how to get there. Would anyone like to go with me? If so, send me an e-mail and let's hook up.

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Thankyou, nudineden, I hope you, too, have many memorable social experiences too. I'd like to meet you someday, but it's too bad that there is such a distance between us.

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Thankyou, NakedMan52, for your comments. I appreciate the time you took to write and tell that funny story. If it were me, I would've been fully erect in no time at all and asking her if she were just as sexually excited as I was, and then I would've taken it from there.

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I am always naked at home and I have had people walk in on me and come up to the door. One time I was out back by the pool which is secluded and the mail lady came around to delivery a package and caught me. I offered to grab a towel but she said she didn't mind. She stared at my dick the whole time. I think she was as excite as I was because by the time she left I was half hard and growing.

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Hope you enjoy the journey and have some memorable social experiences.