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Naked with Police Chopper Overhead

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Posted on Sep 05, 2013 at 03:39 PM Total posts: 16

I just had some fun earlier today. It was so hot, I was sitting around inside, naked, when I heard the police chopper flying around in my neighborhood, three houses down to my right.

I didn't bother putting on my clothes before I went out to my backyard to see what was going on. They were circling from 3-5 houses down when I ran out to my backyard and sat down to stare upwards at them. Then they circled from 2-4 houses a couple times, and then they closed it to the next-door neighbor's house-3 houses and finally they were circling around from my house-the next-door neighbor's house.

I know they saw me, and that's why they were flying directly overhead, but I still didn't run inside to put on clothes. They flew directly overhead about ten times before they finally left. I wonder what they were thinking as they looked down and saw me stark naked, staring up at them?

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