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An excellent article in the guardian comment section talked about a dead man in Illinois, who lived his life being nude, and whose neighbours prosecuted him for it, being buried fully clothed, in spite of his wishes. UK is more tolerant, but only in comparison. People equate nudity with sex. The nudist movement tries to remove this criticism, by desexualising themselves. However, I think nudism is most effective when it tells people that they can be less than body perfect and still be nude. They remind people not to heed the body fascism which pervades modern thinking of the naked body. 'The sad thing is, we need nudists on the beach now more than ever. They alone are brave enough to defy the tyranny of the body beautiful. Dedicated as they are to feeling comfortable in their skin, they eschew such practices as bikini-waxing, fake tanning, or plastic surgery. Lumpy, hairy, defiantly natural, they are our last defence against the porn-star aesthetic.' So nudist are comfortable with their bodies, no matter that it is not perfect and ugly to look at even. 'But they dont have to look at themselves. We are the ones to have to see them.' You might cry. And you will be right. haha. I think when we know most people do not wish to look at cripples or deformity, they might look at an ugly body as akin to that. It will take society many lifetimes to attain that enlightened state, to see the soul that surrounds the deformed body. People who practise social nudism are well advanced in that respect. Not all nudist are that enlightened. It says much for how difficult it is to overlook deformity, when the early nudist movements were about health, and exercise to attain a body beautiful. I think we are going full circle, from primitive societies where nudity is the norm, we have come to being clothed, and some of us are going back to nudity.I doubt full fledge nudity will ever be accepted.Nor is it desirable. We will still need clothes for warmth. Well, thank goodness a totally naked world won't happen too soon. There is a lot of fun to be had by being different, and not conform. In the meantime, we nudist can create our own world where we can be naked all the time. People adopt the naked lifestyle for many reasons. Long may they be allowed to do so.

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Nicely written, says ir all really!

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sun1ight,I enjoy your thoughts on nudity.It's sad that women such as ours aren't open to it as we have embraced it.However we are blessed with the understanding that we ARE able to go nude when we wish.It's the best way of life for me.I'll continue to promote it any way I can.

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Agree with Gamnudist - Especially about the pervasive confusion between nudity and sex. I think a lot of that stems from the way nudity is portayed in the media. I've heard a previous editor of The Sun defend 'Page 3' because 'Sex sells'. The girl is mostly naked, and, in their minds, the only reason for taking your clothes off is sex. I'm entirely new to nudism, and harboured a lot of suspicions about that. However, sitting stitchless on the patio when I know I can't be overlooked is very liberating. For me it isn't about sexuality, or exhibitionism. Its about freedom.

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Feel the human body is a work of art. If owner feels the need or want to add accents, such as jewery or tatoos, or the desire to wax, shave or tan, so be it. It is their way of expression and above all, the freedom to do so, as dictated by law. But, on other hand, the same rights are extended to these who feel hair, extra pounds and such, have the same right. We, as nudist should beware of judging, like in clothed world, judging a person by fashion and dress. After all, aren't they the same judges that say going nake is wrong? We choice not to listen, discard our clothes when possible and live as we see fit, let's not fall in that pit, where it's ok to be nude but...........

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Just one point I'll take exception to: attacking various body-decoration techniques as "porn-star esthetic" is an unwarranted assault on most of the nudists I know. What ideology condemns the natural human desire to enhance our physical selves, whether it's by cutting hair, dying hair, curling hair, shaving or waxing hair, makeup, tanning (natural or spray-on), cosmetic dentistry or surgery, jewelry, etc.? In the nudist circles I travel in, regardless of the shape of our bodies, we have the freedom to decorate ourselves -- or not -- as we see fit.

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Hear, hear! gamnudist speaks well. My wife is not about to be a nudist, because she knows her body is pretty round. Yet I know that the feeling of self-empowerment I get when strutting my stuff outdoors, whether in the walled back yard or at the beach or riverbank, the feeling is the same. It feels like being available to my god. Some people may need the adrenaline rush from the possibility of being busted; I might try that someday, now that I am retired and can't be fired. I respect the other folks around by not blasting them with my nudity. If others have already stripped out there, then that is a fine opportunity to join in, since everyone else down the beach has already adjusted to the presence of some nudity "over there". About deformity: I do look past the apalling shock of a missing leg, rippling midriff, skin taut over ribs, because I am willing to encounter the entity who dwells in that body. That may be the root of compassion, although I know nothing at all on that subject. About other times in history: not so long ago, enforced nudity at death camps was an awful way to live (or die). I used to idealize the native American lifestyle, signified by the brave warrior wearing his suede loincloth, riding about on a sweaty horse. Now I think that might have been a difficult life, especially in Winter, before blankets became available. How many people can subsist on the animals and their pelts and hides? Now I think we have a pretty fine situation, with temperature regulated indoor places, groups who host clothing-optional events, internet connection to like-minded people. I wish I could help my dear wife to join the nudist philosophy: all are welcome.

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well, that's a very nice way of expressing... i totally agree... congratulations!

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