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Posted on Nov 02, 2005 at 06:52 AM Total posts: 9
Saturday, 22 October 2005 a day at costa natura, near estepona south spain Spent whole day here. E25 entry fee for 2, E15 for one. E20 deposit returnable for the locker key. We joined the yoga class, conducted in the open on the grass overlooking the nudist beach, with the wide sweep of the sea spread before us. On one side, the large mass of Gibraltar, and further on the tops of the Atlas mountains, and on the other side, Estepona, with its houses rising up the flanks of the hillside. It felt wonderful,doing the yoga poses naked with the warmth from the rising sun on my body. All except one of the male participants was naked. All of the women participants including our yoga instructor, were clothed. Of the men, all except the clothed one were friends of Ken's , our host. This include John, and I , and a new friend, Michael. Michael is in his late 60s or early 70s, and told us he had been influenced by ken to consider retiring here, selling his house in millhill in london, and buying two 3 bed flats, one to let, and live here.He had not regretted it. He keeps himself busy, doing volunteering work with an old folks home, mainly of British people, his job is to carry stuff donated to the charity shop run by them. I asked him whether he had made any local friends. He had, with 3 of them, all out of towners, who he met in the cruising ground just near by where we are now. I have been there, and it is a bamboo grove, with a maze of well trodden paths through it, forming grottos, and cul de sacs. The ideal cruising design. The costa natura complex is very well maintained, set high up from the nudist beach, which gets cleaned of seaweeds by a tractor, every morning. The well landscaped grounds rise up the hill, among the flats which are placed in a seemingly haphazard fashion, which is very pleasing to the eye, all whitewashed, so that the effect made me exclaim to John, 'This is so mediterranean!' To which he replied 'But it is the mediterranean!' There is a downside to living so close to the sea, last winter, we were told, the storm destroyed the retaining vegetation and swept away some of the garden necessitating the purchase of large rocks to shore it up. It was lovely to be able to see this beautiful view while soaking in the jacuzzi, or having a lounge near the pool all naked of course. Looking at all this splendour, seeing the peole lying in the sun all day, at the children at play, with the male adult facillitor whose sole job is to look after the kids, I became very pensive. Paul noted this when he mentioned it later to me, asking what was I thinking about? I did not answer him. My answer would have been, 'sitting there in this ideal environment of my dreams, I realise it is not want I want after all. I want gay guys round me, and the hustle and bustle , and vulgarity and sexual atmosphere of a town open to all, and not the restricted environment full of rules. The supermarket here has a notice asking customers to wear something, 'for health and safety issues'. We were uncomfortable allready when they repaired the front gates to the vera playa complex where our rented flat was in, and we were locked in.It brought home to us the fears about security has inevitably altered and threatened the free and easy nature of being naked, and communing with nature. Living here, where security is even more stringent, will be intolerable. It would appear, Capdagde is still the nearest to my idea of the nudist life

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