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a naked party

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Posted on Nov 03, 2005 at 01:18 AM Total posts: 9
a naked party London Last night, I attended a naked party. I enjoyed the frisson of seeing other naked bods, andbeing naked myself and to feel the direct enhanced sensations the body gets when it can come into direct contact with the surroundings unmarred by clothing. It was a all guys party, and most were young and fit, with lean bodies, so it was nice visual candy too. However, after the initial frisson, and the constant sight of naked bodies to look at, there was no other difference from any other social party where people talk nonsense and eat and mostly drink alcohol. There was a really strong punch made and I forgot how potent it can be, and drank it and got nauseous and that made me sleepy. Someone told me my face is very red, and I felt warm and began to itch. I get this reaction to alcoholic drinks. Its been a long time since i have felt this way. Fortunately, I drank water after that and ate some food and the feeling went and I got more sober. Later in the evening as more guys came, the guys congregated in the kitchen, talking while standing in a circle. There was not enough seating in the lounge. Someone suggested playing the game, Twister, but our host hasn't got the gameboard. I think it would have made people relax and be less inhibited about making body contact. Still, there was some information i gleaned from the conversations and that gave me ideas ... nude yoga, and tantric sex workshops that some of the guys went to. They joined a course and paid money for it. I feel it is not necessary. It should be easy to set up one ourselves, and learn it by practising on each other.That is the theory. In practise, however, all of those present dont see it. They all feel they must have someone teach them. They dont feel they can do it themselves and learn on the job and pick up skills from dvds. For eg, one of them even bought 3 dvds of nudeyoga, showing how it is done with partners; he was concentrating only on the naked bodies...not surprising, and so missed the moves. haha I know the yoga positions, but only done individually, not with a partner. After writing the above, a friend, who is in spain now,and we chatted. He reminded me when i said a friend is going to teach me tantric when i return from our naked holiday in spain, that he is sharing his experiences with me. I said, yes, that is what i meant, and in the sharing i know he will also gain from it as i know i shall from him. It is a two way process. That is how I would like to learn.

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