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Thoughts on Gays in the pros

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Just wondering what everyone's opinion of the Gay Guy who came out yesterday.  He's a prefessional athlete.

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I agree with rawboy. We should tolerate whatever orientation until there is no abuse from those people. Yuly

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Fiest of all, I do heave other things going on in my life; I can only reply when I have a chance to log in.


Second, nudeineden, I stand corrected.  My "religious idiot" comment was meant to reference specifically the radical right and left, and was needlessly inflammatory.  I can see how some would interpret that statement.  Reflecting further, however, you are correct.  I am bias against organized religions.  If you want to discuss that, start antothe thread. Then again, everyone is bias against something., to varyinage frees, so I'm not alone in that.


i don't consider myself an extremist, but that, too, would depend on who was using the word. I'm sure  some would find me not only an extremist but may other terms as well.  I don't take that as an insult.  I take it as their opinion - which they are entitled to have, as am I.


Referring back to my statements about muckrakers, that was not meant as a reference the single topic of gays and when they come out.  It was a comment about the media and the way they inflame the public for the express purpose of ratings and sales, and very little actual news.  The demographic groups i several are just several of the easiest targets for that kind of journalism.  


The reason i subtitted my original post was to express my opinion on why and how people of any race, color, or gender decide to come out.  Not to start a debate on the media or various other demographic categories.


I apologize if you were insulted, and I'm sorry my media comment high jacked this thread from the authors question.

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He's gone quiet nudineden.  Maybe he is addressing himself.

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Have a think about your 'religious idiot' invective.  Such a categorization might very well put you in the 'bigot' and 'extremist' categories.


Precisely why do you, as a practicing homosexual, think you have the right to insult anyone who has an unfavorable opinion of your lifestyle choice?

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NudeInEden, I'm not sure I understand.  I wasn't saying that everyone should come out.  Each person comes out for their own reasons, and some never do.  That's their choice, as it should be.  It's their life and they should live it the way they chose to.

The "Black" comment was mean as a joke.  I found it very odd that while coming out, they also had to mention that they were Black.  I've known and Known black men, and I have fewer problems with them that I do with some white men.  I'm more interested in the person, not the color of their skin.

If you're saying I'm a bigot about journalists and the media?  You're probably correct.  Not that popular opinion can't be the same as mass delusion, but I'm only one of millions of people who are disgusted at the Media, and the people in the industry that have made it what it is.  Phewey!

If I said what else I said that makes you think I'm a bigot, let me know.  If you're correct, then I have to address that.  I don't see myself that way.

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Well Sedona, anyone who doesn't embrace the lifestyle that you have chosen is a bigot, extremist, or a religious idiot, are they?  The way I read your comments you meet at least two of those tahs.

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The big deal is that they're risking everything by revealing something so personal.  Family, friends, jobs/careers, all of it.  In the military, you even risked imprisonment if you were outed, so coming out while serving was a huge deal.  Everyone in the military knew there were gays, and 90% of the other service men/women could care less.


Look at all the service men and women who were discharged since 2000 solely because they came out.  Decorated Hero's, and kicked out only because of who they were attracted to.


Most find, as I did, that the reality of coming out is much less than their fears.  On the other hand, too many people do loose everything.  I've had 3 friends who lost families and/or jobs after they came out.  I've heard of many more with similar stories.


What shocked me was that they were Black!  A huge shock! 


As for the media, don't make me laugh.  There is no media anymore.  Muckrakes and yellow journalists all of them.  Anything they can waive under the noses of bigots, extremists, religious idiots, or the like to increase sales.  "Public Interest" or "You Need to Know!" are the battle cry of yellow journalists everywhere. 

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I think the American media machine is more concerned with the guy's sexual  orientation than the general public. When Kate Middleton was photographed by some sleezebag photographer sunbathing topless, the media were all over it.. They claimed it was in the public interest .. what her breasts? I guess if you want to find some sex starved perferts look no futher than the editior's office at any newspaper...

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I don't know why there is such a deal made about gay guys coming out in sport, they have been there for years and years as with the milatary and any other field of human endeavour.

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