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Naked mindful meditation?

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Anyone experienced meditating nude?  For me, it makes a difference of connection with the world and everything around you. This is a bit odd as during meditation my experience is that your take yourslef to somewhere completely different.  No judgement, no worries just being completely in the moment.  However - maybe the feeling that being of everything connecting with our whole body and mind.... just there in the moment.  How rich can that be......

Try the body scan nude and notice .... see what you think


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Meditation happens when you are deeply involved in yourself and it helps you to understand the world better, I think. Everybody being naked and close to nature meditates in this or that form. I wish I could join you in your meditation sessions.

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everything can be a meditation you should not restrict meditation for yourself to the idea of escaping. although highly enjoyable, when mixed with other meditations and constant general awareness Great things will start to happen. You may even begin to know what they are before it happens. 

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