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Women and Women .

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 I HAVE BEEN NOTICING THE TREND ,SWING [if you will ]AWAY FROM MALE /FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS TO F/F . I have always been quite aware that the average male doesn't perhaps apply[if that is the right word] himself adequately to the purpose of female pleasure. Perhaps this is where we are falling down in that area. Or does it have a bit more to do with the freely available toys one can purchase  today .  I have always enjoyed creating a bit of a stir on here to get things moving again . But would enjoy some female feedback on this one if possible. Come on folks ,it's time to stir the pot

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1 year ago

So what?  Guys like girls; guys like guys & girls like girls.

I like 'em all.  Much better chance to play with nude people.


I actually thought I WAS a lesbian;

I like to suck tits, eat pussy and have someone tell me I am,

"Oh My God - U R SUPER".