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Its a very strange thing that is happening around us at the moment  !! Living on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Aust. when I go out dancing, all around there are women complaining that they don't get enough sex . Too many women competing for too few guys [ perhaps that means,in girl talk , good looking with resonable bodies] Then on the other hand the guys are saying the same , not enough of it for them either . Then , also the women are looking towards other women for sex, looks like that is happening with the guys too . What a mixed up world we live in . Personally there is nothing like a womans body to turn me on . Much more to enjoy! Perhaps I shall cop a lot of abuse over this one but I am stating my observations , Thats all

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Your words are true and to the point . Personally I don't even want to find out how to use web cam as it can only lead to a whole heap of trouble.

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nudineden Hello listen please read my blog mystic832 and read how frustrated most of us men are men know how to be men

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I believe most of your thoughts are fairly accurate. "Eden" also makes her own valid points.

Communication, even this, dysfunctionally techno method is really only a mere snippit

of the real way to meet people and discover life, love and relationships! :-)

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Ah, a homophobe. 

There are just as many women on internet personal sites beating whatever it is they consider their meat.  The internet has completely messed up "dating", where everyone expects to see the Goods before they take the accompanying body to dinner.  Certainly photo's of erections aren't really appropriate, but if you don't want to see them, don't open the profile.  You have a choice.

It's "easier" and quicker, but completely bypasses getting to know someone, with or without sex.

And, if you've seen examples of child abuse, shame on you for not reporting it.  Or is it your narrow mided opinion of nudism that it's only for adults? 

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Basically, men have forgotten how to be men.  Rather than traditional interaction between the sexes, we seem to think that happiness on sites like this is normal interaction.  Rather than the traditional way of getting to know someone, men are now asking for more photos, wanting to webcam and beat their meat in front of a computer monitor with someone apparently admiring the event from the other side of the world.

Women are supposed to be grateful for the chance to observe.  

The site is full of desperadoes who think their particular sexual preference should automatically be accepted without question.  Incdst, homosexuality and child abuse are the norm for far too many people on this site.


I don't care if I cop anyabuse for my comments.  All that will prove is that I have struck a raw nerve with the abusers who are nothing butgrubby,pathetic excuses for human beings.

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I find it quite strange that even though many people have read my random thoughts , they are either unwiiling or incapable of offering any thoughts of their own to my blogs . With the exception of nudineden and 1 other it appears that their feelings can't be shared by others . This site is open to all to make a comment . I am not a PREMIUM MEMBER anymore and haven't been for a long time as I received very few answers from any ladies I made contact with . This may be a better medium for all you guys out there to express your thoughts and feelings . Maybe even a few women may stand up and take notice of you!!!!

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Well said.

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