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Meeting women

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Each time I meet a woman I prefer to be upfront about the fact that I am a nudist . Many women accept it but say they couldn't do it . That is fine but it doesn't win me any brownie points either. Women say don't tell me any lies and we will get on better in the long run . Prehaps its better not to say anything and then later drop the bombshell on them when they think all is going well in the relationship . WHAT DO YOU DO???

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I miss the freedoms that Europe has to offer. It's a funny feeling to experience 'culture shock' when returning to your own country. Of course I guess I should have expected to find prudism rampant in NW Florida. I guess that it would be easier to break back into the 'culture' in central or southern Florida, but I'm here, for now. Just wish there were more open minded people up here. For now, I limit my 'freedom of expression ' to inside the house. Hope it changes soon. 

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Afternoon chripsy 1305

I love your profile pictures, n i think your figure is great, but don't let my age fool hou as i'm very active in nudist area's

But i do have 

I'm finding my local female nudists are Lesbians, they don't want to know, they just want female friends for, well you know what.

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Hey - what about us nice women you meet at the nudist locations - guarantee we wouldn't have any problem with you being a nudist just like they are.

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Its a shame  that people are so ashamed about being naked.  I used to drive my parents nuts when I was a kid (5 or 6) because I insisted on saying hello to all of their guests (some friends some business) bare assed.  I didn't remember it myself, but my Mother has been telling me stories over the last couple of years about some of my dinner interruptus streaking episodes.  Most found it funny, but I was only 5 or 6. 

I don't think I'd get the same response today.  Hmm.   I wonder ...

Relationships are definately give and take, but I don't know if I'd go so far as to say a relationship is more important than being naked.  It would depend on a lot of other criteria, but, depending on your "level" of nudism, I could see where it could be a deal breaker. Just the fact that your potential partner wasn't up to trying it, or trusted you enough to enjoy it yourself without them, to me, would certainly mean there were other conflicts that would limit how far the relationship could go.

On the other hand, in 50 years, I've never found anyone willing to put up with me for more than a week or two.  So I'm not the best source for relationship advice.

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Well what's more important?  Doing what you want to do, or developing a relationship?  


Relationships fail to develop for many reasons.  If giving up the nudist lifestyle secures you a great relationship, then you would be a fool not to go for it.  It's not about finding someone who will do anything to fit in with you. It's about finding someone and developing a compatible relationship.  Selflessness is something that both should develop.

If you insist on doing something that makes others uncomfortable, thentou don't have to be an astrophysicist to work out what the consequences might be.

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LOL. Went on a Blog binge.  

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When I told my best friend that I was at a nudist beach she was surprised..I said "why are you surprised? You know I like to walk  around my house nude".. She just never thought I would do it in public. Most men have a problem with me being a nudist. One had the balls to say" I wouldn't want anyone seeing my woman's goodies. I just told him to grow up!!! And I also told him that's another reason mI would never be "your woman!"

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Good to see I am finally getting some response on here

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On the other hand, if nudism is a big deal when you're choosing a partner, do you want to waste time on someone who freaks because you used the "nude" word?


I like to mention it in casual conversation, just to see their eyes pop.  Most have no idea what to say next (what can I say to change the subject!!!), some laugh (surely he didn't say what I think he did?), every now and then someone says Me Too!

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