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Changing world

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Have just been browsing The site and have noticed that the only women on here now are all looking for another woman . What does that tell us guys .Perhaps the male population needs to pick up its game and think more about what the fairer sex wants and needs. Any comments on this from the ladies would be most welcome . Ciao until next time

Posted on Nov 16, 2015 at 05:50 PM Like Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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I think that a bit of male reempowerment is in order. There are people who are teaching PUA out there, but what is needed is the return of some old fashioned manhood. That is going to come only if men stop allowing women to pussy whip them. I don't mean being abusive, but standing up for ourselves. Women won't desire us if they don't respect us, and that will only come if we act like we really give a damn.

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First of all, I have no doubt that some of the "women" on this site are actually men who are pretending to be women.  Having said that, I do note a general social phenomenon.


I don't know about in Oz, but in Canada, 40 years ago, women danced with men.  Many men did not dance.  Today it has evolved that many women only want to dance with other women.  They do not want to dance with men.  Why is that?  If any women happen to read this I am sure both I and deroma47 would welcome your comments and input.

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