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Cape de Adge

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To those of you who have visited this fantastic place . I know that you have enjoyed the lifestyle. To those who haven't had the opportunity I say" go there if you can "Personally I can say that I did. I booked in for 3 nights when I was backpacking Europe 4 years ago and stayed a week . The only thing I can say about it is INCREDIBLE.      ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        LOVE TO HEAR FROM OTHERS OF THEIR OPINION OF THE PLACE. QUITE ENLIGHTENING TO SAY THE LEAST. Coming from Australia I had never experienced so many people in the nude at one place before . We are still in the dark ages here as the rules are probably not much different than they were 100 years ago regardin nudity . Our FREE BEACHES OF AUSTRALIA  fight for ever bit of our beach for our lifestyle to continue but there is a lot of opposition to this cause .  To those of us that take advantage of our beaches I say "do it wisely " or we will loose them . To our European counterparts , "you have a different world over there " . I will return again when I am able to this garden of Eden

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I have never been there, but weather it's nude or not some things are or should be "ADULTS" only

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i wonder if any of the families go there so their youngers can watch ? Bob

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but how would the daughter have reacted ? she may have enjoyed the fun of watching  ? bob

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I was there last week with my kids and must say I was very disappointed with large portions of the beach (swingers, exhibitionists and men with cock rings etc, not to mention several condom packets in the sand which were equally hard to explain away).

Much of the beach is fantastic and elements of true naturist society are definitely there, but for me it is a no-no as the dirty side of Cap d'Agde is now too prominent to enjoy a day there with the family. What kind of family resort has large posters advertising swingers clubs etc.

Lastly, and I don't know if I'm just an out of touch old bodger (I'm only 40!) but I'd say 80% of both sexes were shaved and many had piercings on various hard to reach places....hmm. Maybe I'm just out of touch;-)

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Have been lucky to go 4 times over the last 5 years - its getting quite expensive now though but still a great place to experience the life of a nudist

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Maybe u went to the wrong place on the beach??? Its 3 places, family, swingers and gay. Have been there to, on the family beach no problem with that. Maybe u was on the swingers beach????


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We visited there almost 20 years ago and found it wonderful but i guess times have changed as there's less of a family athomosphere there now than there was then. The swinger crowd seem to have taken over and unfortunately they don't seem to have much in the way of common sense or respect for others around them who might have children with them. Don't get me wrong, sex was always part of the attraction of the place but it was usually kept behind closed doors, now it's on the beach too which for some mom walking along with her 7 year old daughter is not a welcome sight. I hope the management cracks down and returns it to the wonderful family orientated resort it was designed to be.

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