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Hi, BristolBob here, can I take your photos using a new memorey card and then you take it away with you, so you have total ownership of pictures of your choice, solo, couples, families !

Posted on Apr 14, 2013 at 12:42 AM Like Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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Hi Bristolbob, I email you aready regarding thee above & the fact that someone like your self who likes taking Naked Photos of other True Nudists, on this site that are not afraid to Show them selfs not like some folk that hide behind a blank screen.Nore stand Naked  before you to be seen on the 21-3 -13 & you never reply me. Yet you back again asking people to let you take photos of them Naked,once again when you do not show how the hell you are, ? Again I say thats like calling the Pot Black.And to all my Fellow Nudists ask your selfs this Question, would you trust any one person to take Naked photos of you & you Wife & Family at you home by some One that when as By a Premium Member & a Certified Nudists like my self, to show me who I am Dealing with because of what goes on In the world today.& yes every one of you that Is reading this I never got a reply back from Bristolbob, nore did He show any photos of him self. Well fellow Nudists I for one would never trust any one on the Internet regarding any Subject, If they did not show me a photo of how they are,& this beening a Nudists site mores the reason why I play safe so I leave the ball In your cout & I rest my case. 

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