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I tried walking around my master suite and sometimes inthe house in the nude again for a few days over the summer. I felt so free and light. No textiles to chafe my body, no impediments to my movement. Lovely fresh air flowing around my body and carressing my skin. After a few days, people inmy house started to complain. What a shame. They don't know what they are missing or how wonderful it is to be free of those tight and often health hurting materials. We were not created to wear clothes. Why should we now? Nudity is not sexual, it is freedom and joy. Being closer to what we were designed to be. Evil intent is a product of sin and lies spread by Satan. Why do people usually equate nudity with sexuality? It makes me sad to see people controlled by society and not take the time to study themselves, be themselves and know their history and where we fit in that history. Sure, sometimes skin sells products, but it is not actually skin that sells, it is the lust that is cultivated in peoples minds subconciously that sells. Where sis people get these ideas? Actually from the very people that tried to get everyone to cover up in the first place. By forcing people to cover up, they then now want to find out what is under all those clothes and they think that finding out what is under people clothes is sexual because they equate nudity with being in bed with someone. I am shocked and appalled at their attitude and saddened with what has been drummed into peoples minds over the centuries. Let us return to the purity and grace of Eden, live righteous and pure lives, free from lust, free from sin and free from clothes.

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Allalulah Brother, But then it all ended when Eve offered Adam that apple! Of course you could try to 'Convert' the people in your house. Nothing like the converted for being ardent.

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