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I am interested in starting a Christian nudist church.

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I believe that though considered to be a highly unorthodox form of worship, There is much to be said about worshiping God in the nude. To me, it would represent a broken and contrite spirit, and the laying aside of worldly distinctions of wealth and status to appear before God "as I am". 

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There is a section of playalinda beach in Florida which I think would make an ideal place for a church meeting. If you go up the beach into the more desolate area, about a mile up,the beach is usually deserted, and we can have our service in a wilderness setting. It's very naturally beautiful up there...

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That is a good idea. God is here to help people you truly beleave in him.

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If it is a real move of God, then it will. If not, then no. But the real issue is the testimony of Christ, who is able to save you.

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do you think this will happen?

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i remember listenting to a man on television who discussed the need fro a "theology of the body". In that instance, it was a Roman Catholic. I agree, and this is one of the reasons I would want to start a nudist church. The use of this fearfully and wonderfully made instrument needs to be expored much further in Christian teaching-it is essential to understanding the institution of Holy Communion, of marriage, Of the infilling of the Holy Ghost, even top the understanding of what it means to be clothed with righteousness, peace, the fruits of the spirit. 


Also, in the old testament,before the church era, prophets often prophesized naked, with their clothes torn as a sign of shame and brokenness before the Lord. Isaiah did this as a sign against the Egyptians and Ethiopians about the coming invasion of the Babylonians, Which would take about another 100 years to come to pass.


How the theology of the body relates to Communion is this-Jesus exhorted his disciples to eat his flesh and drink his blood. What does the blood contain? Why eat the Body?


It is because both contain the D.N.A. of the living God.


You are taking into yourself the missing ingredient which rights the predisposition to sin aka, Original sin. If you go to the passage in gospel of John chapter 6, then read gospel of John  chapter 1 about the incarnation of the Deity, it all comes into focus.


this is the divine mystery of Sexuality, which Jesus said "For this cause God made man male and female-that man leaving his mother and father, should cling to his wife, and become one flesh." 


Marriage honors the same principal-that our bodies are vessels which are meant to contain something. For disciples odf Jesus, the body is meant to contain the Holiness of Christ. As Christ pours his D.N.A. into us as living vessels of his righteousness, so does a man pour his D.N.A. into the body of a woman in ordinary procreational or recreational sex.



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And yet the most rich garment doesn't have the Glory God gave to blossoms in common grass.


the most beautiful cretions God created were our own parents Adam and Eve prior to the fall.

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The Bible says God made man in His own image, so it seems that people who want to cover it up, are ashamed of God's image. They don't think His image/creation should be seen in it's entirety.  So they cover it up with the best clothes they can get, to go to church in.

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