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Have I Been Blocked

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I have just had a look at the Blowjob blog where the author boasts about an experience with his male cousin and it seems that I am unable to comment there.  This brave individual, who is a blight on the Italian people, doesn't appreciate an accurate assessment of his sexual experience(s).  

These blogs used to be a deviant free zone where desperadoes, whose sexual highlights have been the experience with his cousin and masturbating in a public street, did not lower the standard.  Now we are expected to endure the pathetic detail of their sad little lives.

Take your comments to the forum where you will find a more appreciative audience.

Posted on Jun 03, 2013 at 10:00 PM Like Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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As far as this blog is concerned, I can ban you and I can remove your comment.  I canaalso report any of your comments anywhere.  Now from what I can see the guy himself has disappeared.


Start your own blog and feel the power.


Mugger, if you don't worry about this shit, why do you bother to comment.  Do you like to hear what that turkey did when he was walking down the street and when he was with hisname cousin?  If so go over to the forum and leave the blogs alone.

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 at 12:52 AM Like Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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You mean the author of a thread has the privilege to block/remove posts from others?  I posted two messages to, I think, that thread as well - only to find they weren't there the next day.  I thought it was either I forgot to click the obscure button "add a comment" - why isn't that "Submit", or that NF had blocked the messages.


That kind of minimized the benefit of an interactive blog.

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get a life do not worry about that shit ...

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I can't comment either.  I also said somethingcritical and I can't even apply to go on a naked cruise with him.  I suppose a girl can get lucky without eventrying.


Best of luck with your invitation IT.  You might have to ask your male cousin, who has probably been your only opportunity for intimacy.

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