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No work today.

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Probably the last warm day of the season. Enjoyed sunning on private patio for a couple of hours. Jen was feeling bad. Fighting epstein bar virus. Will take her for another treatment tomorrow. This has been going on for about 9 weeks now. Using alternative medicine clinic with kelation therapy. Traditional meds have no effect.

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Hello Al, Been reading a book titled "The pH Miracle". I'm into alt. health, too, which is very expensive. H. insurance doesn't cover any of it. Anyway, it might be an eye-opener and provide another approach to E-Barr Syndrome treatment. And a new lifestyle for you, should you both go for it. Might save her life and give you both a long, happy time together. We both have colds and are achey, sleeping extra hours. We've just started a pH balancing program, and it's too soon to pass judgement about it. Having soup for breakfast isn't so bad, and it's considered the biggest break from traditional eating. It's normal in Japan, I was reading. Anyhoo, Diane is not into nudism because of her extra pounds. She fears being shunned because of it. Of all people, nudists would be the ones most accepting. As a batchelor, I discovered nudism and lived at a gravel pit in Fairbanks, Alaska for 2 summers. Neither 1st wife nor this one would come along. Enough for one blog, eh?

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