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Naturists and Sex in the UK Posted on Sep 09, 2015 at 01:45 AM

Before the flaming starts - It is NOT meant to represent Naturists or Naturism generally.


This is a viewpoint which we can confirm from personal experience that we have in common with many other UK naturists.

So if we start from the premise that as humans we are all sexual whether we are active or not, it is our raison d'etre, to pass on our genetic material. This is the prime motivator of all life on earth. If you do not accept that as a fact then the rest of my blog is meaningless and may I bid you farewell..

Bearing the above in mind at all times I wish to discuss Naturism, Nudism or whatever you prefer to call it and the place sex has in our chosen pastime. I can hear the wails of anguish coming from the purists who say naturism has nothing to do with sex and to meet you part way I will agree that we are not naturists because it is sexy. It isn’t. If it is then your mind is not in the right place to be a naturist because being naked in a naturist environment is no more about sex than working in any typical office or playing football.

Naturism is about enjoying the feeling of the sun and air on your skin without the shame imposed upon us by religious teaching and social convention. It removes most of the trappings of wealth or other status indicators. The couple with the huge RV and the best car obviously have status symbols but one to one, naked in the woods, navel to navel they have no outward signs or accessories to indicate their superiority or measures of success. Our personal status in life is only indicated by our voices and limited grooming and personal appearance. We are forced to judge individuals on the way we interact with them, their attitudes, opinions, interests and what they choose to reveal about themselves.  This is where sex rears it’s ugly head every time! ...... So you meet a guy in the woods and you are both naked. Before you say hello, good morning or whatever you have assessed his comparative desirability compared to yourself and others in the community. Has he got a bigger penis? Am I healthier than him? Is he old and past it? If the person you encounter is of the opposite sex then a whole different set of evaluations take place and experts will list the instant assessments we use to evaluate that person. They can be summarised as Would I? Do I want to? Do I think she may? Hip to waist ratio (is she fertile), pheromones (is she receptive)... Then as guys we come back down to earth and having taken in all her physical attributes we exchange greetings. Needless to say She is doing exactly the same.. Is it any different naked in the woods than it is in a corridor or a lift (elevator) at our place of work?

If we are true naturists then we have trained ourselves to put all this aside and respectfully glance at the sexual parts and then look the person in the eye. We all look – it is probably a bit of a sleight if we don’t glance but our female naturist friends will pick up immediately if someone’s gaze lingers too long and they will say that the guy is creepy or sleazy. As long as we are all in the right place in our head i.e. not intentionally looking for sexual arousal at nakedness then all is well and nobody feels threatened or uncomfortable. In this way males and females (or any other permutation) can be naked together without sex raising it’s ugly head.

That’s not to say we don’t have sexual thoughts about our naked friends – just we usually restrict them to appropriate situations. My wife of many years can quite openly tell me about the guy she met on her walk today who was so well endowed the thought of it took her breath away. I invite her to tell me what she imagined doing and sure enough we are both aroused.

We have some very close naturist friends and if we were in a private appropriate place my wife may tell me and her female friend the same story, they may have had similar thoughts and share them openly. They are both aroused and the pheromones and imagination combine to arouse anyone else present. This is ok as long as we are all on the same page because as the guys get aroused the inevitable may happen – partial (or sometimes full) erections appear, usually short lived and soon to pass but it is now ALL about sex. If inhibitions are lowered by alcohol then group sexual arousals can lead to many different sexually driven scenarios. 

Our opinion is that whatever feels comfortable between consenting adults, where no person is taken advantage of is acceptable in a private situation. And yes we have on occasion expressed our sexuality with a person or couple (or more) in such circumstances.

This is our choice and the choice made by many other naturists to enjoy a varied sexual experience facilitated by being naturists. It would be unlikely to happen in any other environment. We have in our younger years experimented outside of naturism with sexual adventures involving other people. Swinging for want of a better term. It has worked out ok occasionally but we would say in over 90% of encounters the outcome has been unsatisfying. Encounters have failed at the first hurdle because we simply did not like the people we met for any one of a dozen reasons. Even encounters which went the full course were not usually satisfactory for both of us and inevitably one or more persons involved would feel unhappy with the outcome. Occasionally it went well and it became a regular feature for some time but eventually the interest waned and the liaison ended. On one occasion the sex was terrible – it just did not work but we all had so much fun we gave up on the sex and became great friends – 15 years so far. They are not naturists and they too gave up on swinging as a total loss but have remained firm friends.