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Alwaysnude56 - Animal Cruelty Posted on Apr 06, 2007 at 09:22 AM
Anyone realy read Alwaysnude56's profile? She likes riding her horse nude or nearly nude and askes men if they enjoy the show. That's fine, she's an exhibitioniist. But now NF's advocating animal cruelty when they approved Alwaysnude56's profile. She rides her horse naked or near naked and she's wanting, quoted: "I would enjoy having two men nude ride with me - 1 in front and 1 in back and they and I caress each other". That would be about 500 pounds plus for one poor, unfortunate horse to cary as they have their sexual fun at the horses expense. Does NF also advocate beating horses with bull whips till they drop to their knees?
An approved profile, And the blogs are censored. Posted on Feb 11, 2007 at 08:23 PM
Here's a copy and pasted profile that the web gods approved. What does it have to do with being a nudist??? Hi my name is Sunny and I've played with other girls since before puberty however I didn't have my first real experience until I was 15 with an older woman (she was 27) and it changed my life. Since then (for the last 17 years) I've been in active pursuit of all of the bisexual erotic fun and pleasure I can get which seems to be insatiable. Almost 8 years ago I found, fell in love, moved in with and married the perfect guy, my best friend and soulmate Charley. He is fully aware of, completely understanding and totally supportive of my bi-sexual needs and desires. In fact we both suffer from the same affliction which is an addictive sexual lust for the ladies and it's a major turn on for me to share him sexually which enables me to enjoy the best of both worlds at the same time. However I do have complete freedom to enjoy one on one pleasures with a girlfriend whenever I want although for selfish reasons I do prefer having my Charley join in as my ultimate orgasms "cum" from enjoying him in me and a sexy gal lickin' me at the same time. On occasion we do play with couples also but only those that have a bi-sexual or bi-curious female, so if your the female half of a couple and want to include your other half WE may be interested in getting to know you too. WE is the key word, I have no desire to play with couples on my own so don't ask that's just plain rude. I look forward to hearing from any and all ladies with an interest. Hugs, Kisses & Licks, xoxo Sunny
Reviews of resorts and beaches? Posted on Jan 29, 2007 at 11:11 AM
There seems to be an ongoing discusion about the benifits of being shaved versus non-shaved. Erections and how wonderful it is to have one, no matter where you are or who you're with. How about something that's seldom mentioned, resorts, spas, vacation destinations and beaches for nudists. Your experience at these places, what you enjoyed and didn't enjoy. If you would recomend where you went to friends, or advise them to go somewhere else. Leah gives great reviews about Glen Eden, which are backed up by a few others on here. But honestly is Glen Eden the only great place to go? Why not a few other unbiased reviews of other places to go nude. Info can be had by clicking on the "Partners" tab at the top of the page about resorts and spas. But those seem biased since they seem to be paid ads, and I feel, who would give negative info when they are paying to get new customers?
Feel like jogging nude in the park?? Posted on Jan 26, 2007 at 08:45 AM
Who was that undressed man seen jogging nude in California park? That's the question startled hikers, bikers and horseback riders are asking about a jogger seen streaking through an open space preserve wearing nothing but sneakers, glasses and a black tam hat. "He passed me and said "Good evening,"' said an unidentified female, who spotted the naked man ? middle-aged and sporting a pale paunch ? while riding her horse on a trail in Fremont Older Open Space Preserve last summer. "I thought: Ugh!" Although numerous park users have reported seeing the exhibitionist over the last year and a half, rangers have been unable to identify and arrest him for exposing himself. By most accounts, the man is polite and does nothing other than run in the buff. A woman who saw him said he looked scared and backed away after she cornered him with her horse and told him he was offending people. People who use the park regularly have not reported recent sightings in the cold weather, theorizing he may be unrecognizable because he is clothed. With dark hair, sweaty red skin and lack of body hair, he wouldn't be hard to spot. "He's frumpy. Plain. Not in good physical shape "It's not a pretty sight."
Photos of Others on Profiles Posted on Nov 27, 2006 at 10:28 AM
I've noticed a lot of profiles from "single" men that have a photo of a female, dressed but usualy nude, none of the male. Others have a photo of the male, usualy dressed with one or more females with him. In the text there's never a mention of a female partner. Is it fair for a male to post a photo of himself with a sister, exgirlfriend or casual accquaintance that may be in the picture while she isn't a nudist or has no interest in being one? The photos are supposed be approved by the NFF before posting. Just wondering what others may think of this practice.
Receiving Mail and Winks Posted on Jul 06, 2006 at 07:19 PM
When you receive mail or a wink you're supposed to receive it on here, the NF mail, as well as your email. I've been noticing there may be mail or a wink here, but not in my email. It can be in my email but not here. Those that we receive both here and in email, in email we can read the message, on here the message is blank. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Also wondering how much mail or winks we should be receiving are not being delivered to either place.