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Posted on Sun, Apr 08, 2012 09:10

When I joined this site I was hoping to meet up with a nice single nudist girl. Unfortunately I have read an article in a newspaper saying what the modern girl is looking for - I don't seem to come out too well! This was a poll by Austin Reed.




Apparently this is what you girls want:


A man 6 foot tall (just about tick that box)


Short, dark hair (yes)


Smartly dressed (not applicable to a nudist I think!!)


Clean shaven (yes)


Boyish smooth chest (er no, mine has soft hairs!)


Vegetarians are hated (oh dear! I am vegan!)


86% want sensitivity (OK there!)


Should earn at least £48,000 a year (no, unless I can get some lucrative modelling work! Joke!)


39% want someone who loves shopping (could cope with that!)


A handyman (not too bad at that)


Should drive an expensive Audi car (er no!)


Should drink lager! (er no again)




So there it is, hope that doesn't apply to all girls otherwise I will be a sad nudist on the shelf for always!


Would be interested on your comments, especially from the girls!

From SunnyGary 26th March 2012

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Posted on Sun, Apr 08, 2012 23:43

12 items on the check list, but how many really matter? Perhaps ladies might wish to put their own 'Wish list' of what they would like in a man. The only one that is slighty 'dodgy' for us as 'Carnivors is the Veggie/Vegan bit, when we have guests here it means that we have to rack our brains and look up a suitable menu if we are to feed our vistors. We are still eating meat as long as we can still afford it. What it boils down to is what is regarded as ESSENTIAL in a man and what is DESIRABLE, but then the other qualities he or she has can balance out those that are on the not achieved side. After all life is very much a compromise.

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