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Posted on Jul 23, 2012 at 05:54 AM

I do not know why so many make a big deal of children being at nudist resorts, or beaches. They are surrounded by like minded adults who will protect them from harm.

As a child I was exposed to nude people, men and women, when Mom took me into the ladies room when I had to releive myself or she had to and when my Dad took me and my brother into the mens locker room at the Company Park Pool to change into our swim suits. I wasnt attacked or harmed and when in the ladies rooms the other women just said," What a polite, cute Lil boy"

IMHO, children take to nudism faster than adults and the sight of a nude body does not cause them pain or harm. Yes, they are curious and it is better for them to see it with their mothers and fathers there to answer their questions and give real answers, not cutsie ones that hide the issue.

 The last time I was at Haulover Beach in Miami, a pair of women came on the beach with two young boys. One looked to be five or six and the other eleven or twelve. I heard the young one say," Mommy, these women aint got no clothes on!" Mom just laughed and said, Sure they do" The kid again said," Mommy, these people are all neekid!" The older boy looked like he didnt  want to be there, but a few minutes later he was undressed like the two women and the other lil boy and was playing with other children on the edge of the light surf.

As for pictures of nude children at a resort, as long as the photograper has the parents permission and the photos are for personal use or in the resort newsletter, I see no harm. Clandestine photos are to be discouraged and stopped of course for the childs safety. Remember the lil Coppertone girl? Her father allowed the photos to be used for a large ad camphagne that brought them money for her education in latter years. When someone got the ads stopped, the girl herself lobbied to get them back in use and said she had never been harmed by them nor embarrassed, they were just a humorouse slice of her life with hher lil dog on the beach.

 I have found that children raise in nudist homes are better mannered and more polite and have respect for others especialy women. They are also closer to their families and friends from the nudist resorts they have visited.

 There is nothing obcene about the nude human body. I have a large, older Family Bible,(from thr 1950s) that had several pictures of nude street urchins running behind Jesus. We come into this life nude and for the most part leave it nude so why not be nude inbetween times and enjoy our selves

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Posted on Aug 30, 2017 at 10:55 AM

When my daughter was three and her Mom and I had started going to resorts, we made the decision to start taking her with us.


Best decision ever.


After checking in and then disrobing, we went out to the pool area.  She took a look around and took to resort nudism immediately.  That same day she befriended other nudist children.  She had so much fun that we knew we had made the right decision to take her.

Over the course of the next years we took her to different resorts and get-togethers.  She met a lot of nudist kids, boys and girls, and was always comfortable being nude and playing with them.


Whereas I've seen adult nudists wrestle with hang ups or self-consciousness; my daughter had none of those.  She played with other kids and even socialized with adults like it was the most natural thing in the world.  She just made it look very easy.


As far as photography, a resort manager once asked us if he could take pictures of her to put in the resort photo album.  We knew the manager well and trusted him.  I'm actually glad those beautiful pictures are now part of the resort history.






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Posted on Aug 09, 2012 at 01:00 PM

as my ;children were growing up we went to nudist camps and had clothiong optional swim parties most people were with them the only problem was when my daughter was 11 adn had 15 of her class mates over for a slumber party  in the morning i forgot the kids were ther and walked out tothe deck nakede and into a crowd of girls some giggling and some screaming had a lot of explaining to do to parents

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Posted on Jul 25, 2012 at 05:38 AM


  I do agree the free, safe days of  the fifties are long gone. It is sad that it is the truth and we as adults, even if we have no children of our own, have to keep guard on the children of  others as well as our own.

  My post was aimed at some places that will not even allow photos  adult parents of their own children while at the resorts or beaches. I was at a resort nnear my home and wanted some pictures of my sisters children at play, nude at the pool and play area. I did ask the managments permission before even going to the resort and was refused permission. We still went over and while there, I saww some people across the road using a long, telephoto lens to take pictures of the kids and their mothers and single women and teenaged girls. I did  report this and management was able to get the local sheriff there in time to catch the person and they  were arrested.

  The same day I saw the young boys at Haulover Beach, I ask permission of a young lady to take her picture with  her standing or sitting next to me. She had a lovely, all over tan, even her eyelids, and agreed in front of several wittnesses and two Beach Patrol officers. I did not take the picture when the friend I was with got mad that I had ask her. The other people around told him I had followed the rules, but to keep him happy(?) I didn't take the picture at that time. I did go back to the beach the next day, alone, and she was again there annd I got the pittures and after we left the beach I took her to lunch and we had a good chat. She was in her twenties and was going to a modeling school in Miami and was working as a model for one of the major Department stores in Miami.

  If she had been younger, I would not have ask permission. I hate anyone who uses children as adults, like  those mothers on "Dance Kids(?)". That TV program where the large, not longer able to dance (if she ever did) woman exploits the lil' girls for her own glory. I also have personaly beat the tar out of one or two men I caught molesting young girls on the mobilehome lot I live on. One guy was staying with the thirteen year olds mother and every chance he got he tried to touch the girls breast or groin. He wrote her letters (I read them) telling her what he wanted to do to her. Some of the things adult women will not do ! One night I walked the girl home from a mutual friends home and the guy was waiting for her. He reached out to grab her breast and I ask him how old he was. He told me he was thrirtyfour and I ask if he wanted to live to see thirtyfive? I then told him if I ever heard of or saw him touch any young girl, under legal age of twenty-one or against her will, Id shoot him. He dared me and again reached for the girl and I drew my 9mm and put on his nose and thumbed the hammer back. He ask what I wanted of him and I told him I wanted him off the lot before Eleven PM, that gave him ten minutes. I have the right to do this as Iam the on site Superitendant for my landlady. He got gone and I have never seen him, except for his picture on the State list of know Child Molesters.

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Posted on Jul 23, 2012 at 11:54 PM

Children nude in public, now that is a 'Hot One'. The sad thing is that having children playing in the nude can be regarded as risky because of the 'lurkers'. We accept that they should be able to play innocently without having to be 'protected and watched over' by parents, but quite simply do parents want their children to be photographed by a stranger.  Once even permission has been given to someone to take photos of yourself or your children - even if it was supposedy just for the 'takers' own use, you have no control of where it will end up. Ever heard of 'Photo Swappers'.

Hence no cameras or phones with cameras are allowed at even at a textile (costume wearing)  swiming pool when children are swimming, nor at a childrens school or nursery in the U.K. Even on the N.F site we have seen profiles of males seeking contact with single mothers and families with children. H & E the UK naturist magazine, stopped publishing any photos that featured children years ago.

Every so often, we see in the press reports of persons who have obscene photos on their computers, these include 'orginals' and photo that have been manipulated in such packages as 'Photoshop'. The innocence of the 1950's has in many ways long gone, A adult has to think twice about even helpling a child in distress even in a main street - just in case the suggestion is made that is in any way inapropriate.

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