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Posted on Fri, Nov 25, 2011 02:18

These are the ones (Generally Single Males) that stroll down the beach or at whichever naturist venue you are at and decide to attach themselves to you. These might enage you in a conversation mostly one sided from their side, which goes on, and on, and on. You are carefully questioned about everything they might want to know about you; if you say you are on a certain website, you are likely to get a message in a short period afterwards from this long lost 'friend' asking for a meet up or invite. Then there are the other 'Attachments' those can be the dreaded 'SM' he will come and put down his towel on the beach maybe just 6ft from you on a beach with acres of space to spread your towel. Without being anti-social to others, we go to a beach to have a bit of quality time - mainly JUST HER and ME!

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Posted on Sun, Nov 27, 2011 20:14

Hello Brian and Susan, How are you both? Did Susans trip to the valleys go ok? Oh yes...We know the ones. They also sometimes have the 'I know she is with you but I'm pretty sure that's only because she hasn't met me yet' look on their face. This comes across in their conversation too occasionally. Oh how we chuckle! This beach you mention though...In November in the UK?? lol Take care Clair and Andy

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